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Parish Partners

When a parish expresses interest in working with Launchpad, there are a number of possible ways forward. Depending on the skills they have on the Parochial Church Council, they might want to retain control completely, or they might want help or even to pass on control elsewhere. PCCs can simply be members of the Network. If, however, they would like to talk to us about their setting becoming directly run by Launchpad, we are happy to discuss the possibility. We would want to enter into a positive partnership with the parish so that the responsibilities are clear, open and transparent for the benefit of all.

We would be looking for the following, where possible:

  • Childcare staff having full, exclusive and dedicated use of buildings and grounds, or appropriate areas of buildings, whilst services are in operation. (This is essential for a variety of reasons but the most important being around safeguarding.)
  • Children need easily accessible, safe and dedicated outside space with appropriate equipment and facilities. (This is an Ofsted requirement for Early years.)
  • Childcare settings must have sufficient toilets and nappy changing facilities. Staff and children’s toilets must be separate. (Oftsed requirement.)
  • Dedicated food preparation area and fridge. These may be located separately from the childcare provision.
  • Childcare staff need their own keys for opening and securing their part of the building.
  • Each setting will be responsible for cleaning. Where staff are employed, these may be shared with the church. They would need to perform their duties outside of setting opening times.
  • The setting and all associated activities and setting contents would be insured by Launchpad Early Years (if directly run). The buildings in which the setting operates would be insured by the church.

Church Links

Church links play a vital part in supporting, encouraging and promoting high-quality childcare in our settings

Our childcare environments

  • support the growing partnership between staff, parents and children
  • are sensitive towards all beliefs, hopes and fears of parents
  • are sensitive to the individual needs of children
  • promote a positive atmosphere of encouragement, acceptance and respect
  • provide positive links to and from the church community
  • recognise, respect and celebrate cultural diversity

A strong community within the parish, supportive of the setting, its staff and its mission makes an important contribution to the well-being of children.