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Launchpad Pre-school Boldre


is the pleasure of learning together with the support and connections made by the whole community. It is developed for young children through the understanding of love and care for others. We encourage friendship, respect and a loving family community within the setting.


is how the community look after and provide for the needs of their young children. It is the caring attitude we model for these young children so they can support each other in a healthy safe nurturing environment. It is the care they offer to others and their environment.


is a state of mutual trust and support developed within a safe and happy environment, where children, staff and the community care about each other. It is developed over time through a respectful environment, with love and commitment to each other.

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Learn through play

We provide opportunities for learning both indoors and outside. Children are encouraged and supported in their creative play. We aim for their time with us to be a fun, stimulating, and valuable learning experience.

*These images are of our Appleshaw Setting whilst we wait for them to reopen

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