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Supporting Positive Relationships

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We recognise parents as the main carer for their child. Your child’s key person will be your link between home life and life at Launchpad. They will be responsible for ensuring that they meet the individual needs of your child and for supporting their learning and development. We also encourage you to share with us experiences you have enjoyed with your child so we can share these activities at preschool wherever possible.

We have a fully inclusive approach, and our staff understand the importance of being sensitive to the individual needs of each child. From the start of your child’s journey, we will work in partnership with you to ensure that the transition into Launchpad life is a smooth one, in which they develop positive relationships and feel confident, safe, and secure.

Our Key Aims:

  • Is to make sure each child is assigned a key person and a buddy, responsible for meeting their individual needs and ensuring they continue to learn and develop.
  • To ensure the parents know who the key person is before starting the setting.
  • Keeping parents always updated if there is a need to change the key person.

Therefore, the following principles apply:

  • The key person should help the child become familiar with the setting surroundings.
  • The key person should help the child feel secure and safe.
  • The key person should develop a bond with the child’s parent or carer informing parents of their child’s next steps using their online journals.
  • The key person must seek to engage and support Parents/Carers in guiding their children’s development at home.
  • The key person is responsible for assessing the children and planning for next steps and children’s interests.
  • The relationship with the key person will be warm and loving and foster a sense of belonging. They will be sensitive and responsive to your child’s needs, feelings, and interests.
  • The key person will also be available to support you from your child’s first day at Launchpad to the transition to the next age group and school.

We will provide for this through:

  • Providing training for all team about why key person approach is effective.
  • Providing a ‘buddy’ system when the key person is absent.
  • Liaising with parents over the care of their child.
  • Choosing the key person carefully to make sure the child has an attachment with the member of team.
  • By offering a rich, physical, enabling environment with stimulating resources relevant to all the children’s cultures and communities. Through play and playful teaching we can support your child to take risks and explore.

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